"Developing tailored, evidence-based solutions for sustainable outcomes"
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Every piece of work we do is designed and tailored for each client. The sessions can be for one or two consecutive full days or shorter sessions over a period of time – whatever is needed.

Using a mixture of ‘taught’ work, practice and debate – individual and small group work and whole group discussion - we cover important aspects of leadership and ensure capacity is built by transferring our knowledge and skills.

One key and important part of the work is collectively addressing issues identified as being of specific relevance to further improving performance for our clients – this is a powerful and innovative way of working and yields real insight to the whole leadership cadre at senior and middle level. The outputs are a highly useable, focused plan for addressing these issues.

In addition to this, part of the work covered includes some or all of the following:
  • What are the skills and behaviours that outstanding leaders display? How to model these behaviours
  • Creating a shared understanding of the leadership role – differentiating this from technical specialism and operational roles
  • Providing insight into the management and leadership style and its impact on others thus providing our clients with support to build on their strengths and tackle the behaviours that may hold them back
  • Understanding the different leadership styles and developing the capability to adapt leadership style to leadership challenges and explicitly linking this to driving performance and standards
  • Enhancing the ability to build high performing teams by increasing confidence and skill in giving and receiving feedback, holding people to account and using coaching as a leadership tool
  • Building capability to deliver transformational change through the meaningful engagement of, and dialogue with, staff
  • Building a sense of being, and working as, a team through the work undertaken during the session(s)