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A leadership needs diagnostic that is implemented as a self-review or a more extensive 360 peer-review. It has been tailored to meet the needs of school leaders, at any stage of their career, and is highly effective for creating targeted development plans. It has been implemented in a wide range of primary and secondary schools, reliably identifying the needs of individuals as well as teams. Our feedback has shown that the process is straight-forward and simple to implement, whilst delivering valuable insights for all staff involved.


A 360-peer review performance management tool built for school staff of any level or role. It can be implemented for small groups or entire schools, creating powerful insights in to performance-related team dynamics. The report is detailed and easy to understand. Valuable comparisons are drawn between different peer-reviewers and also across the team’s self-reviews. This allows staff to have a greater appreciation for how they are perceived by those junior or senior to them, as well as an overview of how their thinking compares to that of their fellow team members.