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Having opened our research and development program in late 2013, Inspiring Education offers on-going specialised support to enable our clients in expanding their knowledge base and furthering their understanding. Focusing on key areas that school staff have identified as requiring improvement, our research papers are designed to be approachable and easily applicable to every-day school life.

We offer workshops on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, growth mindset, the styles and characteristics of great leaders, effective communication, having difficult conversations, giving feedback, managing change and delivering impact. Through these Inspiring Education is currently assisting schools throughout the UK to:
  • Support individuals to be the very best leaders they can be
  • Develop individual leadership skills in specific areas
  • Stretch and challenge leaders and excellent schools
  • Hold people to account
  • Help individuals to see the importance of collective leadership and their role in this
  • Model and develop coaching skills to enable individuals to manage others in a coaching style, and pass on coaching skills to others
  • Provide support with tasks as needed, for example, restructuring, strategy, vision setting and advising on recruiting new senior team members
  • Keep leaders up to date on all the latest leadership theories and ways of using them as appropriate